The Colorado USSSA Hall of Fame, a non-profit, was established in 1992 to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Colorado USSSA softball since it's original inception in 1980. The Hall celebrates the best and the brightest, the game changers, whether they be a player, umpire, director or by executive appointment. All members of USSSA who have at least ten years in the Colorado program and are in good standing with USSSA are eligible for nomination. You can download the application in PDF format using the link below. At this time the file is not writable and can not be saved. Please print and fill out the application by hand following the instructions included.

If you have questions or would like to submit an application electronically, please contact Nominating Committee Chairman Mark Haupt.

1995 Ken Green*
1998 Dan Osborn
1998 Ed Stevens
2000 Mike Berkey
2000 Denney Cheetum
2001 Vernon Jennings
2002 Tim Taylor
2003 Mark Scrivner
2005 Kurt Keintz
2008 Barry Morten
2008 Rich Hargadine
2012 Frank Silva
2013 Scott Bacon
2013 Mark Haupt
2014 Gary Boehler
2014 Chris McTigue
1993 Hal Kapius
1995 McCoy Distributing
1996 Bob Besaw
1997 Bill Lowe*
1997 Softball Country
2000 Garretson's Sports
2003 City of Loveland
2006 Bob Wiltgen
2006 Don Vaughn

1993 Berta Chacon
1994 Maxine Hurt
1995 Sharon Hessler
1996 Sandy Rummell
1997 Diana Schaffer
1998 Jill Ackerman
2000 Carol Van Gytenbeek
2001 Karen White
2002 Dee Dee McGinnis-Hoemann
2003 Patti Ringeman
2005 Geri Mitchell
2007 Jessica Strickland
2013 Zerphayne Willis
1993 Murl Skalla*
1995 Gabe Robles*
1998 Carol Feathers
2001 Bob Stribling
2013 Charles Graham
2014 John Casale
1993 Pat Persichino
1994 Ray Guyot*
1997 Bill Demers*
2006 Paul Roberts
2007 Joseph Hurtado
1993 Dan Schumacher
1996 Bill Walters
2010 Royce Fagg
2011 Allan Coseo
2012 Rene Kingsley
2014 Scott Cameron

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